Born: 2021-05-12                                            2,5 months
Breeder: Vikinga PRE
Dam:  Picara PM (CrCr)
Sire: Fiero VIK (Cr)
Colour: Smoky Cream (ggaaEECrCr) no grey gene

Polar VIK is our sweetest most baroque offspring. He has a incredible volume and round shapes, totally correct conformation and excellent movements! He was born greyish and his genetics tested smoky cream CrCr which is very rare and only a few PREs are registered with this colour. Like all our horses he carries no grey gene. He is our third Picara PM x Fiero VIK offpsring, Polar is a full brother to Llamativo VIK and Olé VIK and as we have two full brothers he will be offered for sale. Polar VIK is top quality for dressage together with very rare colour genetics he will be an interesting stud stallion and improver of the PRE race.