JUD - Buckskin filly 2017

Born: 2017-04-21                                            'Judy' March 2020  
Breeder: Vikinga PRE
Dam:  Novedosa PM (Cr)
Sire: Artico VIK (CrPrl)
Height; 160cm
Colour: Buckskin (ggEeAaCCrppchchzz)

Judith VIK is Artico VIK's first offspring. She has a super athletic correct conformation and absolutely amazing movements!! She has the most active hindlegs that I have ever seen in a PRE. 'Judy' is totally feminine, sensitive and sensible. She is genetically tested and she has a very wide colourspecta, her offspring will be able to have almost all colours, she has no grey gene. Can be purchased in foal and/or broken in on request. 

Black, smoky black, smoky cream, bay, buckskin, perla, chestnut, palomino, cremello, grey and perlino.