Born: 13-05-2014
Breeder:  Yeguada Vikinga PRE
Dam: Picara PM
Sire: Donoso VII
Colour: Dark dun buckskin
Genotype; ggEEAaCCrppchchzz
Height: Estimated 165 - 170cm

Euforia VIK is our genetic treasure coming down from Donoso's and being his first registered buckskin offspring! She is the first result of the combination Donoso - Picara and sucessfully they created 'Fia' who is an incredible mover with a absolutely beautiful and correct conformation! With only 1 week she measured 112cm and is as tall as her 2 months older sister with a 170 cm dad. Euforia is a dark dun buckskin without any white markings, genetically tested she is proven to be able to produce; 
Perlino, perla, buckskin, smoky black, smoky cream, black and bay offspring. 

We are very happy and greatful to have 'Fia' in our Vikinga-family!

Euforia's facebook album;