Llamativo VIK - Perlino PRE

Born: 2018-04-29                                            
Breeder: Vikinga PRE
Dam:  Picara PM (CrCr)
Sire: Fiero VIK (Cr)
Colour: Perlino ggAaEECrCrNN

Llamativo is a top class individual, he has three excellent gaits, he is balanced and has a absolutely beautiful correct conformation with a high scoring head.
He is trained natural horsemanship and is smart and a fast learner. With his bloodlines and colour genetics he is a gem for breeding and dressage, he carries the bloodlines from all our best horses - Picara PM - Fiero VIK - Donoso VII and Novedosa PM.
He has self confidence and is not afraid of absolutely nothing. Classy horse! 


Dam Picara PM

Sire Fiero VIK