Born: 2017-04-21                                              Judith 2 months old
Breeder: Vikinga PRE
Dam:  Novedosa PM (Cr)
Sire: Artico VIK (CrPrl) 
Colour: Buckskin (ggEeAaCCrppchchzz)

Judith VIK is Artico VIK's first offspring, she has a beautiful totally correct conformation and absolutely amazing movements!! A very successful combination that we have repeated for season 2018. She has a very feminine head and personality and she is the tallest baby we have had so far, just born she measured 105cm! Judith has a special tone to her colour she is a hazelnut buckskin, she is genetically tested and she has a very wide colourspecta, her offspring will be able to have almost all colours!

Black, smoky black, smoky cream, bay, buckskin, perla, chestnut, palomino, cremello, grey and perlino. 

Sire Artico VIK

Dam Novedosa PM