About Vikinga PRE

Welcome to Vikinga PRE! Biénvenido!

We breed the exclusive PRE, Pura Raza Española, the spanish purebred horse. Our personal small scale breedingprogram aim for the development of the PRE for dressage. Our stallions are competed and shown at highest levels of dressage and PRE championships, and we are proud to have trained and merited our stallions ourselves, see Vikinga competition
Our broodmares are selected for their athletic abilities, racetype and first class colour bloodlines. With these combined concepts, and unique foundation of horses, we hope to produce top quality dressage performance offspring in rare colours! 

We offer worldwide breeding services of two top class PRE dressage Calificado stallions Donoso VII & Festivo MR

We have specialized in the selection and international sales of top class Iberian horse apt for sport. We match our clients the best quality and work on a personal/ professional basis with a direct contact with the owners/ breeders. We are dedicated to this international service since 10 years and we work for our clients best interests! See more under Sale services and Ventas, and our Vikinga exports

On occasions we can offer a home to Your horse at our private small farm in beautiful El Escorial, Madrid, see Livery/ Pupilaje

Very welcome to contact us and visit our horses!