Picara PM - Top perlina mare

Born: 2009                                                                                
Breeder:  PM
Dam: Distinguida XXVII
Sire: Revoltoso XXIX
Färg: Perla (EEAaCrCrgg)
Height: 162 cm

SOLD - Picara PM is our top broodmare with bloodlines originating in the finest of PRE colour families. She has a beautiful racetype and she is bringing down much class to her progeny, she gives offspring of the highest quality and she has proven to be an improver of the PRE race. Her first offspring is now an international breeding stallion, Artico VIK, Olé VIK will be our next breeding stallion. Her progeny are exported to the USA, Finland, Denmark. ’Pica' is pure PM new line via Revoltoso XXIX and a sister to Divo PM. She was selected and matched exclusively for breeding with Donoso VII and she has 3 excellent offspring with Fiero VIK (By Donoso VII). Picara PM has a sensitive and sensible personality, incredibly kind individual and fantastic mother, she is easy to breed. She has had foals every year since she was bought and is always found pregnant on first try. Picara is a pure breeding mare, as she has a high breeding value we have never ridden her. She is a perlina CrCr and can get many color combinations, she has buckskin, perlino and smoky cream offspring. She is currently pregnant with a Donoso VII stallion Fiero VIK and will foal in April 2021. Offered with 2021 foal, or without 2021 foal. Can be re-covered with Fiero VIK. Exclusively to best hands. See videos of her, her offspring and the stud stallion she is covered with here; SOLD    Video Picara PM; https://youtu.be/hl5RCOH7Cts Video 2020 smoky cream avkomma Olé VIK; https://youtu.be/7wPVa936cIc Video hingst Fiero VIK; https://youtu.be/kIUJ1l_dWhQ Video perlino avkomma Llamativo VIK born 2018 https://youtu.be/utUWv85mt-0 Video buckskin avkomma Euforia VIK; https://youtu.be/6LIYp_wm6lA Video avkomma Indigo VIK; Indigo VIK sold to USA https://youtu.be/2XLGJJj6Zj8

Contact for more information; viktoria.vikingapre@gmail.com


2013 Artico VIK, First offspring, stud stallion in our international breedingprogram.
2014 Euforia VIK Exceptional buckskin filly sired by Donoso VII SOLD to Finland
2015 Gacela VIK - in memoriam.
2016 Indigo VIK - Chocolate buckskin, son of Donoso VII - SOLD to USA.
2017 Kiko VIK 
2018 LLamativo VIK - Perlina FOR SALE.
2019 Nova VIK - Buckskin SOLD to Denmark
2020 Olé VIK - Smoky Cream.