EUS - Champion TRC PRE

Calificado PRE stud merited at Top level Championships

Reference; EUS
Born; 2006

Height; 165 cm
Gender; Stallion
Colour; Silver white
Bloodline: Lovera
Breedingstatus; Reproductor Calificado

Pricelevel; Consult

I have seen this stallion collecting his impressive list of merits and curriculum, owned and bred by friends - CALIFICADO - IMPRESSIVE LIST OF MERITS collected at absolute TOP LEVEL, highest total score 99,188p! Sire Campeón de España, descending from very classical and pure bloodlines, Lovera with a carthusian mix via classy Ultimado V. Exceptional walk, fantastic trot and super canter, basic level of dressage + spanish walk and expressive spanish trot.
Exclusively offered on DIRECT SALE - to the professional PRE breeder.
Here you have your guaranteed 100% quality stud!

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