Born: 2020-04-27                                            5 months old 
Breeder: Vikinga PRE
Dam:  Picara PM (CrCr)
Sire: Fiero VIK (Cr)
Colour: Perlino

Ole is our most beautiful and biggest baby, he has extremely long legs and is v e r y tall! He is a full brother to Llamativo VIK that is alittle smaller and has the same elegance, calm and cool personality. In his bloodline he carries the genetics of our four top foundation horses, Fiero VIK, Donoso VII, Picara PM and Novedosa PM. He will stay with us as he absolutely fullfills my goals as a breeder, the has the conformation, head, neck, croup, movements and temperament I have visualized. I feel he is that special and rare individual like is grandsire Donoso VII was.  


Olé 3 weeks