Curriculum LVM Sandberg

Curriculum L Viktoria M Sandberg

Equine studies:

- College degree in equine studies at the national stud and center for breeding/education, Flyinge, Sweden: 

- Dressage / Jumping / Jriving / Showing / Breeding / Farriery / Breaking-in of colts/fillies and Veterinarian Science.

- Diploma for dressage instructors, Sweden. 

- Diploma in veterinarian studies, Sweden. 

Professional equine experience:

- Training certificate international and national dressage instructors, Sweden. 

- Freelance dressagetrainer, Sweden. 

- Course director for ‘Personal Development with Horses’, Spain. 

- Professional dressagetrainer iberian horses, Spain. 

- Breeder of Pura Raza Española, Spain.

- Competition rider, Sweden/ Spain up to level Grand Prix.


- Teaching degree, Vaxjo University, Sweden

- Teaching degree Waldorf Steiner Teaching, Plymouth University, England