Born: 2020-05-29                                                       Quinie 22 months and 169cm tall                                  
Breeder: Vikinga PRE
Dam: Viva VIK (Palomino Cr)
Sire: Artico VIK (Buckskin Pearl CrPrl)
Colour: Buckskin Pearl (ggAaEeCCrPrl)

Quinie VIK our special girl! She is huge with the longest legs, longest ears and above all she is the most special individual. She is already proven to have a fighting spirit, she had a rough start. She scored the jackpot in all genetics also with the colour genetics as she got the golden Prl from dad and her palomino genetics from mum. She can therefore bring down any colour in the colour spectra of the PRE! She is an athletic build, good bone, strong physique with super movements. She inspires me to ride her in the future and I reckon she would score highly on the PRE championships. She is definitely my soul horse and she is a keeper. 

Quinie was born too early and had a traumatic birth, she must have had her neck inverted as she had a severe edema, she did not get the colostrum and I found her in the neighbour stallion field with mum on the other side. She became weak, started to urinate via navel and as the risk for sepsis was high I hospitalized her and Viva that was also in a very bad state. Viva was most critical from bleeding but were stabilized in 2 days. Quine was on intravenous antibiotics for sepsis, the neck edema had turned into necrosis and basically all the skin on her neck started to fall off. After 1 week in hospital I decided to take them home. Viva was stable but very thin, Quinie was fragile, completely lame on the one leg where bacteria from catheter had entered and started urinating again from navel, tummy was instable from all the antibiotics so I gave her probiotics. Her neck was very fragile, I changed bandages 2-3 times/day and treated it, kept it clean and fly-free using a fan. For the leg I used Arnica, Back on Track and ice to reduce inflammation, she was completely lame for over 1 month. She got two types of antibiotics, one oral and later also intra-muscular. I treated with Argenpal to gradually close up the navel. She did not get septic arthritis, the bacteria was stayed around navel and in the vein of the lame leg. And I gave her daily bioresonance treatments for all her symptoms, immune system, bacteria and for vitality. 
Now this special girl is living in the field with her herd, I am still treating the neck twice daily until it closes up completely, she is fun girl to hang out, calls me and always wants my company. It is lovely to see her run happily in the field and live like a normal horse.