Comeback START CDN***(snaffle)

Comeback for START and me in Grand Prix CDN*** March 2019, las Cadenas. We were competing against olympic and worldcup riders, so very inspiring to see all these amazing riders I learned alot! Congrats to the winners!

Best feeling to be at a competition again after 4 years, we loved it! Start and I have been through alot the last 3 years. We have been partners for 10 years now, been to Sweden and back, 3 years ago he broke his jaw and almost died in a serious bacterial infection after the operation. So it's alittle miracle we made it to compete again, it took him 1,5 year for full recovery but he's a fighter my Starti. Intelligent, sensitive, not the easiest horse to ride but what a ride when you get it! In this competition he was 100% with me and wow that feeling is unbeatable. And he is so cool because he did it all on a simple snaffle! I wish everyone that connection to their horse. Love love my beautiful Starti:

This was the first time in history anyone does a official GP on a snaffle and we did it. The dressage federation has formed a new regulation which allows a snaffle on this level, however you are not able to use it in a international CDI nor is it qualifying for a national championship. But as we are not going to the spanish championship anyway (being swedish), to me it was a fun challenge. I reckon any GP horse should be able to perform this test on a snaffle (aswell as doublebridle), the new regulation is a excellent idea, to perform a test on this level requires good basic training of the horse. You cannot perform GP excercises on a snaffle if the horse does not have correct bases, a good back and a light contact. However if a horse is being heavy in the hand and weak in back you can get away with it riding on the double bridle. But not on a snaffle. I think it would be a good idea if the snaffle was compulsory for the official Grand Prix and the GP Special and Freestyle was performed on a double bridle. Wouldn't that be interesting and fun!? I would be interested hearing your opinions on this!

Now back to train more and get better so I can give those winners a harder time next time!

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