Born: 2017-04-01                                              Viva 3 months old
Breeder: Vikinga PRE
Dam: Chula VIK 
Sire: Brillantino VK
Colour: Palomina (ggeeAACCrppchchzz)

Here she is VIVA VIK, our most special baby, a sweet palomina girly with the longest ears and the cutest personality! Viva is a classy girl, very confident and elegant with fantastic movements. She is made on her mums iniciative 100%, a real fairytale story, her mum Chula jumped the fence and made her boyfriend Tino jump it also, when we saw she was in foal we gave her an abortion as Chula was only 2 years old,. But obviously it did not work because 11 months later Viva come walking towards me in the field, - Hi I wanted to live so here I am!! A beautiful surprise from nature itself.

Viva is also our first 100% Vikinga-bred out of Chula VIK and Brillantino VIK. 

She is genetically tested and can get the following colours to her offspring; Bay, perla, chestnut, palomino, cremello, grey and perlino. 

vivaviva [134 Kb]

Dam Chula VIK

Sire Brillantino VIK