UNI - Top PRE buckskin

Race; PRE
Reference; UNI
Born; 2013
Height; 168 cm
Gender; Stallion
Colour; Golden buckskin

Unique horse! Now competing national tests for 4 year olds scoring over 70%, a very interesting PRE dressage prospect for high levels of dressage! This guy has size, movements and great conformation and on top of that that incredible shine to his golden coat, it doesn't hurt to be handsome! Will for sure make someone proud and a very happycompetition rider, the canter is superb, trot is very good and walk just clean and stretchy nose down and back up, all correct and how much do we not appreciate those little detais being there from the beginning, right!? 

Contact me for testriding video and more info; viktoria.vikingapre@gmail.com