Start Grand Prix debute

Debute for Viktoria and Start in Grand Prix!

2012 it was finally time for me and Start to do the GP! My lifelong dream and of course a fantastic experience that I have dreamed about all my life and been training towards since I bought Start in January 2012.

It has taken long for us to train and feel confident at this level, Start is not an easy horse to ride, he is fiery and has alot of character. And I have fibromyalgia and it has been a big effort for me to be ready athletically to be competing at top level.

We actually prepared ourselves on our own as I have no trainer and actually at this point did not even have a groom. So when I went in on that centreline it was me and Start and I was so proud of us! Start went in like fireworks, spectacular yes but obedient no! We had levadas in piaffe and a very bouncy canter extention, not good for scores. But Start had fun, he was actually very happy to be showing his stuff! The tempi ones got stuck but twos were excellent, lovely extended trot, laterals and trot work. More discipline and less warm up next time! 

See album of Start to the left.