Irene USA client 2xPRE 2021

I have purchased 2 horses from Vicky, 2 years apart, and for 2 different disciplines-dressage and combined driving. A friend who had just purchased a horse from Vicky gave me her name. I had the luxury of time for a lengthy search for my dressage horse. Vicky knew it would be about a year before I was ready to make the purchase and she never tired of sending me horses for my trainer and me to review and then discuss with her. She took the time to understand my abilities, my desires and my limitations. She never pushed any horse. Each horse was a good to excellent mover with good temperament and bloodlines. The right horse came along three months after I had to euthanize my loved partner. Solitario was a 6 year old bay stallion with all the upper level movements and the perfect temperament for an older adult amateur. I bought him at Christmas. He stayed with Vicky for 3 months to be gelded, quarantine and for continuing training. I met him at her farm that February and from the moment I sat on him I knew he was the right horse. Vicky gave him excellent care. Solitario has been ridden in clinics with FEI judges and each one has been impressed with the horse and his potential.
During the 2 years between horses Vicky and I became very good friends. I visited her, got to know her stallions, mares and the beautiful, lovingly raised and trained horses she bred.
My second purchase came suddenly. My driving partner of 20 years coliced and at 24 could not be saved. Vicky cried with me and I jokingly said “well I guess I need a new driving/riding horse.” Within a week Vicky has reviewed videos of every horse she could find and sent me video of a 5 year old, Faroan, competing in the Spanish combined driving. She rode and drove him 2 days later and pronounced him “a lot of fun.” My vet in the US reviewed the videos and xrays of this horse as he had done of Solitario and pronounced him suitable with no issues. My riding and driving trainers looked at all the videos and believed he would be a good match and fun. I purchase him at Christmas and I left him with Vicky again for quarantine and training until I could bring him to the US. Because this happened in December 2020 I could not fly to Spain to meet him. Faroan arrived in March. I am extremely pleased with his progress as a driving horse and now 4 months into his training we have resuming his under saddle work as well. He is kind, learns quickly and enjoys his work.
I cannot recommend Vicky highly enough. She is honest. She is extremely knowledgeable about the PRE breed, she is a PRE breeder in Madrid (Yeguada Vikinga) trains and competes her horses up to Grand Prix level and is passionate about developing the breed for dressage. She represents carefully selected excellent horses. She will only sell the correct horse to a client even if it means the loss of a potential sale.

- Irene Berzak USA -